book series: 1

The outcome of completing LIPA has been bittersweet - I don't get to see my lovely friends everyday, or walk the stark red and yellow corridors with the forever hoping wish to bump into Paul McCartney on the way to class - but a wonderful one too, I have been granted the lovely gift of time; more time to do things I love. Reading has been my biggest escape from reality. I have always been a huge advocate and lover of reading so this summer I have dived straight into a pool of prose, poetry and novels.

I welcome you to the opening article of a new little segment on this blog, a book-a-week where I write a short, weekly article about some of the books I have been particularly moved by.

The first lovely paperback is one that can be described as incredibly brave, a very intricate delve into humanity and womanhood. This marvel of a book explores the journey of one incredible woman, Rupi Kaur. Milk and Honey was such a genuine pleasure to read, a collection of poems and thoughts that really has to be read in one sitting to truly grasp and appreciate the entirety of it's soul. Honestly I don't want to say too much about it, and if you've read it I can guarantee you understand why. Kaur's outlook to pain, healing, loving, and appreciating life is almost otherworldly, whilst being so completely humane. The honesty in her poems are so personal yet somehow relatable, and I think that is magical.

Any man or woman could read Kaur's raw assortment of words and be affected. Please have a look at Kaur's website for a little insight into her stimulus, her reasonings behind the book. I particularly love her reasoning behind the title, Milk and Honey.