A Foggy Day

If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you might remember the trip Ash and I took last summer, when we visited Crosby beach. Back then it was bright and warm, we took a long stroll along the muddy sand and was rewarded with a lovely fishcake and hot chocolate. This time however was a little different...

Ash is wanting to build on his photography portfolio so we decided to have another beach day to take some photos - you can see more over on his instagram account. Fully aware of the cold, foggy weather we took the trusty train to Crosby, wrapped up and fully assured by the idea of a warming hot chocolate and fishcake; which of course with our luck was not the case. Replacing the lovely hot food truck was a disappointing ice cream van... ICE CREAM was obviously not what we were lusting after on this cold, damp and foggy day. So with a poor packet of Walkers crisps, we perched on a wet bench and enjoyed the view of complete whiteness, and irritable birds.

All complaining aside, we had a really lovely day of photo taking, crisp eating and laughter.