Autumn is Here

It is September, the month to welcome Autumn with open arms. September is always a bittersweet month for me, we say goodbye to the lovely summery months of freedom and sunshine, but there's always a new breeze of possibilities. And this September is a big one: the start to my third and final year as a training actor!

So today I thought I'd share the types of clothing I wear during the awkward "is it warm, is it cold" kind of weather we all endure throughout September and October. Now as much as I adore Summer with it's bright colours and warming happiness, Autumn is my favourite season to dress for. It's still warm enough to wear my all time favourite ripped denim shorts, but cold enough to throw on a shaggy oversized jumper to create that ideal 'I woke up like this' look.

Dress (similar) | Jacket | Tote Bag | Boots

For me, Autumn is the season to experiment with textures and layers. If not a wooly jumper, a leather jacket. If not boots, some thick tights and loafers. The options are endless! I enjoy playing with patterns and clashing colours in any season, but I especially love those burnt orangey, browny autumnal tones. So these Dr. Marten ankle boots have been a favourite of mine since the day I got them! I use that whole 'worn-in' look in both my outfits and room decor, I tend to stray away from anything that looks too pristine and new.

This little blue tote bag is the perfect way to hold on to that last feeling of Summer we all love and want; the fun design and bright colours add a little pop to the dampened autumnal tones of this outfit. I can't remember the last time I used a legit bag! Tote's are just so useful and big enough to hold whatever I need to lug around with me, but without that annoying stiff leather feeling of a handbag. I often feel like a modern Mary Poppins with the bizarre items I pull out of this little IKEA beauty - and can we just take a moment to appreciate IKEA, what a place! I'll be featuring many IKEA gem's in upcoming articles... just you wait!

This floral dress is a great combination of girly vs. masculine. The little William Morris inspired flowers are pretty whilst the oversized style of dress adds a tiny edge to balance the girlyness out a bit. And of course, no autumnal article would be complete without my lovely Zara jacket, it's been featured in the past and I'm sure it will be honoured in many posts to come! I love the ease and comfort of wearing it, again it adds a masculine touch to this somewhat girly dress.

Thanks to Ash for his lovely photos x