A Lovely Sunday

Hello again. There's been a very deep and thoughtful atmosphere around the blog lately, and I thought tonight I'd lighten things up a bit. Don't get me wrong, I love expressing my thoughts, and this blog is the perfect platform for me to do so, however I had a really lovely and simple Sunday so I thought I'd share it, for those of you who are, like me, a bit nosey.

So it started at Liverpool's finest brunch place, The Brunch Club. I unfortunately forgot to take any photos, but check out their website for a look into the beautiful decor of this hoot of a restaraunt. The food and staff are particularly friendly, and we were greeted today by the manager who welcomed us with opening arms. It's always lovely to be remembered as a customer, I think that's what makes a company really stand out. We both had eggs - of course - and shared a glass of orange juice along with a pot of tea, the best way to start any Sunday.

I then needed to nip into town to get a couple of bits, mainly birthday bits for Ash, so we went our separate ways and I explored the shops. I'm always happier shopping on my own, with others I can just feel that dreaded, underlying rush to get in and get out. I prefer to take my time, pick up 100 things and hold them for way too long, then put most of them back... I just like to get a feel for an item before making the big decision to buy it. Actually, I'm telling fibs, sometimes I am a stupidly impulsive buyer, this however is usually on the internet, but something changes when I can physically hold the item, do you get where I'm coming from?

After dropping my heavy bags back home, I picked up my laptop and drifted off to find myself in a coffee shop - shocker! This time it was a classic favourite of mine, Coffee and Fandisha. (Which actually translates to Coffee and Popcorn!) I spent the majority of the afternoon there drinking a refreshing grapefruit juice whilst munching on a granola bar and updating the blog, which as you'll have already seen, is updated once again with a new logo and layout. So I was sitting there listening to a bit of Amy Winehouse when I noticed a guy next to me displaying some frames upon the wall, only to find out he was the photographer of these wonderful pictures of Liverpool for his exhibition, 'Liverpool's Boss!' project. It was so inspiring to see an artist proudly displaying his own work, I could see the pride in his eyes when he announced himself as the photographer.

In all honesty, I'm not too sure who this lady was, but she was helping the lovely photographer, Brian Heys, you can follow him here! His photo's had a real life about them, with bright popping colours. The yellow wall really complimented the contrasting colours captured in the photos.

By this point it was coming up to 4pm and I was getting a little restless after sitting down for quite some time. So I wandered around Bold Street before meeting Ash for a delicious slice of pizza at American Pizza Slice, the funnest place to grab a quick slice of yummy pizza! My tongue was set on FIRE when biting into the extra hot pepperoni slice I opted for, sometimes being adventurous with food pays a price!

Full and satisfied, we skipped home to an evening of tea and laughter.

Another lovely Sunday.