Stay Golden

Hello again, and good evening. Before I start... Henry, this one is for you buddy!

I was feeling inspired by my most recent and very first 'style' post, Go With the Flow. So tonight I'm going to share another pair of somewhat adventurous trousers. If you've read my London Edition post, you might recall those fugly yellow trousers I mentioned... Well tonight, you can make your own judgment on them. I'm still umm'ing and or'ing whether I love or hate them, but let's just embrace the decision together, let me know what you think!

So here they are... my wildly yellow, too ugly to love, but kind of cool so I might actually love them trousers.

Here's my problem, I love the colour - mustard is my favourite - but they're not the most flattering item of clothing I own. Which is fine, you know sometimes being hip and cool comes at a price. No I'm definitely kidding (I'm not) but I'm just going to take a slip of my own advice and step out of my comfort zone when it comes to expressing myself through the style of clothing I wear. On a rainy August day, these bright babies could personify the sun, and might even put a smile on someone's face.

Another issue I'm still working on is where the waistband should sit. I'm always a high waisted gal, I also love a nice ankle grazer, so wearing these high waisted ticks all the right boxes for me. But then I see a camel toe approaching and I question all of my current life choices.

But who knows. For me, style is all about ignoring the boundaries and conventional laws of fashion. And really, there's a whole world full of issues, one pair of yellow velvet pants aren't worth throwing in the mix.


(I've just had a look on Urban Outfitters so I could link the trousers, but they're no longer on the site. I got these very recently on Oxford St,

so you could try looking in stores - sorry)