Go with the flow

Today is my first 'style' post. In previous blogs I have failed to mentioned my enthusiasm for style, whether it be clothing or interior. I can't wait to incorporate more of this within the blog! Come September, there'll be lots of interior and room design posts as well, where my lovely plant collection will, of course, be featured.

Right now though, lets go with the flow and talk about these flowy, polka dot trousers - a new favourite piece of mine! I ordered them online at Zara and have fallen in love with them, I get so excited to experiment with different clothing types. Initially, I kind of imagined a very dressed up / evening look, however I've been enjoying dressing them up and down, mixing and matching the overall feel of the outfit. If I were asked to describe my sense of style in one way, it would be experimental. I love to clash and experiment with textures and colours.


parka | black top | pleated trousers | trainers | denim lab coat | red loafers

Picking specific items of clothing can really help to change feeling of the main base - the black tee and trousers, I then add contrasting shoes, so here: my New Balance or red loafers. This immediately gives a day or night feel. Adding a jacket, or a sassy red lip can do wonders!

I'm not one to care about following specific trends, but I do feel very strongly about expressing myself through my style. Being an actor, and with my headshots fastly approaching, I'm kind of restricted to dye my hair pink or get big bold tattoos - all of which I would love to do; so the idea of clashing and experimenting with my clothes, (rather than my hair and skin) massively reflects the kind of person I am.

So thanks for reading, and I hope you're inspired to step out of your comfort zone a little bit when choosing your next outfit. And remember, just go with the flow...

HUGE thanks to Ash Matthews for another lovely selection of photos, you rock!