The London Edition

The 12th of August marked mine and Ash's 1st year anniversary... For some people this may seem lame, but we like boarding the cringe train, so we thought we would also board the London train! We had such a lovely time, so here is The London edition.

Our day began on the 9:24 train, where we both enjoyed a little nap. The quick, one hour journey seemed like 5 minutes in comparison to the usual three hour trek to Liverpool.

After arriving, we got on the first tube to Hoxton, where the amazing 'My Old Dutch' pancake house is situated. Last year, when Ash and I were still - as they used to say - courting, we ate at this place, and simply had to return! As you can see, Ash's satisfied smile shows just how great these pancakes were! He opted for the nutella and maple syrup, very sweet - too sweet for my liking! So I went for the bacon, eggs, and maple syrup. SO GOOD! I'd also like to add how lovely and polite the servers were; I'd definitely recommend this for all you fellow pancake lovers out there!

With two very full and happy stomachs, we headed over to Bank to find our incredible hotel: Threadneedles London, a last minute deal found on the amazing app, Hotel Tonight. If you're looking for an amazing, but affordable getaway, check out this app! We were in awe of the beauty and most of all the fresh, floral scent when walking into the stunning lobby. I honestly wish I could insert a scent button, so that you could smell the perfection of this place! We were welcomed with complimentary prosecco with orange or cranberry juice... To be honest, when the head-to-toe-suited doorman opened the door to this, in want of a better word, POSH hotel, I was a bit worried that us young tourists with boots and backpacks would feel a bit out of place. But we were pleasantly surprised with the welcoming atmosphere.

It was early afternoon by this point, so we checked our bags in and headed back out to explore more of what London had to offer. We hadn't planned anything specifically, so we were excited to get lost in the busy streets.

Would you look at it?!

We walked for a while and came across a nearby bar, the same place where Ash enjoyed his first (legal) drink, in celebration of his 18th birthday, whilst performing in Carousel at the Barbican. After looking around the wonderful gardens behind the Barbican, we headed over to Oxford Street - no London trip would be complete without a visit to Urban Outfitters! I bought a pair of beautifully hideous trousers. They are a mustard velvet, tracksuit style with a wide leg at the bottom. Probably not the best description, but you know those items of clothing where you hate them so much, you actually start to love them? Well I went through the motions of hating and loving them all at the same time, so I just bit the bullet and got them. I'm thinking of dedicating a whole blog post on them, so stay tuned for some hot mustard yellow trousers coming your way! #clown

Are you as excited by this cafe as we were? This cool coffee place was like a magnet, it pulled Ash and I straight in. It's called Mazino, and is situated in the heart of Soho, just off Carnaby Street. We had skipped around finding interesting little shops, and fancied a juice break... it was way too hot to sip on coffee, so a good ole' OJ hit the spot for us! The service, again, was wonderful - we were so surprised by the constant great service. I would definitely suggest resting your feet here if you want a quiet place to catch your breath.

Hyde Park was our next stop, I was really shocked at the sheer beauty and size of it! I don't think I've ever been before, and was expecting a big-ish patch of grass with a few benches. But oh my golly, we walked for ages, getting lost in what looked like a mini forest, then we stumbled across a huge bloody lake! Both of us couldn't believe something so big and full of nature was in the middle of London!

Our feet were well and truly DONE at this point, so we dragged ourselves back to the hotel to scrub up for the lovely evening we had planned. I always think you can tell when a hotel is a good-en when you instantly feel at home... it was truly wonderful.


I love this outfit, even if I do say so myself! I was inspired by a really cool gal I follow on Instagram, who shopped this look on ASOS. I'll link her account here, so have a look! Although, I have to mention how uncomfortable they were, no that's too nice, these shoes were fucking painful! They look all cute, and of course I absolutely felt like Dorothy, but holy shit, I was thankful for the last box of plasters from Tesco in Trafalgar Square, where we went for dinner... We tried out a new pizza place Bianco43. The starter garlic bread was gorgeous, but we weren't too impressed with the sloppy-ish pizza. Regardless of the not-quite-Dominos-standard pizza, we had a really lovely evening filled with lots of laughter and a painfully cold Pokehunt/walk home.

The next day we sadly checked out of the jaw-dropping Threadneedles, and spent our short and final day visiting the Embankment and The Tower of London. All in all, a brilliant trip with the best company. A very lovely way to celebrate a year with my love.

Thanks for reading, speak to you soon x