T - 4 - 2

Today, nearly a month after my 20th, the birthday celebrations continued. My lovely Mum, Beki had booked us a lovely afternoon tea at Beckworth Emporium as one of my birthday gifts. This was a treat for the both of us, a new experience, and something we'd definitely do again!

We were advised to go an hour or two before 2pm, the allotted time in which the tea party began. So, like told, we arrived around 12ish, and were immediately pulled in at the sight of shabby, moroccan style homeware - my dream! This gorgeous setting followed through to a huge garden, where a bunch of plants were displayed calling out to me! I couldn't contain my excitement... the lovely selection of bonsai trees, succulents, cacti, and flowers were just too good to be true! So naturally I took a little succulent home with me, I haven't given her a name yet, but I'm thinking Tallulah, or maybe Esther. Who knows, maybe you could give me some inspiration - leave a comment!

After exploring the beautiful greenery for well over an hour, we decided to chill out with a cold orange/mango/passion fruit/apple, you know the drill, a fruity drink, whilst waiting for our well anticipated tea and cakes...

We went for the vegetarian sandwich selection, and from this I have discovered a new love: red pepper hummus sandwiches! For a gal who has spent her whole life only enjoying nutella sandwiches, I was pretty impressed to find an adult worthy filling! Mum was loving the cute cutlery, especially this delicate little spoon, haha bless her!

And that was it, a gorgeous tea for two, with friendly service, a new found love (hummus sandwiches), and another lovely memory to talk about a few years down the line. Thanks for the lovely afternoon Mumma, love you xxx

(The quality of the photos for this blog aren't as good as the usual because I didn't have Ash's great camera and photography skills, but my iphone and editing skills aren't too shabby, so please let me off)