Stuck in the mud

A cold and windy Pokemon hunt.

Ash and I decided to take a trip to Crosby beach today. I can't believe it has taken me two years to visit such a beautiful place; and what's more it only took a £2.50 train ride, followed by a pretty walkway to arrive - perfect!

I was taken aback by how close Liverpool is to the sea, living here really is the ideal home for a young, adventurous gal! A lot of my friends will tell you that my proudest fact about Northampton - my hometown - is that it is the farthest part of the UK from any seaside... so you can imagine my excitement when smelling the fresh sea air and collecting too many shells.

After finding our bearings, and taking a mental image of which walkway we needed to get back, (for those of you who aren't so well acquainted with me, you should probably know I'm not the best person with directions. Luckily for me, Ash isn't too bad) we took a walk down to my favourite part of any beach - the sea! However, as you can probably guess by the title of this blog, we got majorly stuck...

Describing the texture just won't do any justice to this thick, gloopy mess. At first, I couldn't quite decide whether I liked the sensation or not, but after a while of running around trying to find normal sand, I gave in and felt sorry for Ash, who refused to get stuck in. He missed out. Big time. Oh, and can I just say, I initially tried to avoid this wet sand, but Ash was determined to walk across, all in the efforts of catching Squirtle, who after a lot of time and effort, ran away, the little shit.

At this point we were both way too muddy to continue towards the sea; in any other case I would have put up with the mess and carried on, but knowing we had to get back on a train we decided to be sensible and head back to dry land to grab a hot chocolate and some food... mmm!

"This hot chocolate is better than Starbucks" - were my exact words. Ash, being a barista at Starbucks wasn't too impressed, but he didn't disagree! Along with the better-than-Starbucks hot chocolate, we tucked into some yummy seaside grub. Ash enjoyed a classic hot dog, and I discovered something new, a fish cake barm. For all you Northerners, this will probably sound familiar, but I, a Southern girl whose hometown is in fact the farthest place from any sea side, was very confused. The fish cake barm is actually a very simple concoction: a fish cake in a bun. And that's it. So right now it doesn't sound like a huge discovery, but head over to Ash's youtube channel to see the live discovery of the one and only barm.

The sun came out as soon as we needed to head back home... typical.

So that was it. A wonderful day with my best friend. And to top it off we then met a couple friends for a huge catch up, which was of course the perfect way to finish a bloody good day.

Thanks for reading x