Yet another coffee shop...

Lets talk food! Ash and I had a day of drinking lots of tea, exploring more of Liverpool and eating lovely sourdough bread. We started off in a cozy little warehouse, Unit 51. Previously I have always ordered their yummy french toast with berries, yogurt and honey- too good to be true! But today I fancied a more savoury choice, so opted for the eggs on toast with avocado. I think it's safe to say, I had a case of the green eyed monster watching Ash munching on his lovely honey covered berries!

Look at the envy...

We then explored the Albert Docks, one of my favourite parts of Liverpool! It almost feels like a windy British seaside holiday strolling along the cobbled docks, looking out over the choppy sea. And of course it's always nice to hide away in a little tourist shop, or coffee house - surprise, surprise - to escape from the summer breeze.

Look at that beautiful view. Every time is see water, I just want to jump in!

shirt - dungarees - sandals - satchel

As you can tell by the grey sky and my windswept hair, it started to get a bit bloody cold. So we took a stroll back home, only to find ourselves in yet another favourite coffee house, Cow&Co Coffee.

This independent cafe serves your average coffee, but in the BEST cups and saucers ever! Its' intimate setting is the perfect place to catch up on some work or have a well deserved chill out. Oh, and their bagels are to die for!

I'm going to say it again - best cups ever.

Photography - Ash Matthews

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