I'm not a princess

As stated in my little introduction, I am currently studying acting at The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, (LIPA- for short). I'm about to enter the daunting, but thrilling third and final year of training before living the life of debt, too much tea, and lots of hard work! But I'll save that 'End of Uni' post for another time.

Right now though I'd like to discuss the difficulties of knowing I will never, ever be a Disney princess. It's not difficult really, and honestly I haven't gone through nearly 3 years of sweat, tears and shit cart wheels just to end up as a pretty princess. So lets put this all into perspective, I have a disabled left arm. In all honesty, I hate bringing it up, and I hate even more when people pity me, there's no need, I am very happy with who I am. But I've learnt to acknowledge the elephant in the room, to stop hiding and be honest.

So, I have come to terms with the fact that, sadly a lot of what the acting industry isn't about is acceptance. This is a bold statement to make, I know! And even writing this I don't really believe myself, I hold on to the hopes that I'll walk into a casting agency and the reason they don't want me is due to my shit audition, rather than my imperfect, or more likely, unconventional arm. I understand this is a very quick and, like previously mentioned, bold statement to start the blog off with, but it's just a brief introduction into what I want to start discussing and exploring. I want to dedicate my intentions this year into making a change - no I don't want to become Prime Minister, or paint the White House yellow - But I do want to see a more accepting attitude in the arts. So I am planning on creating something that will demand attention to this matter. I'm going to keep you updated with my intentions and thoughts towards changing, or just improving, this beautifully challenging industry.

Thanks for reading, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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